Testing at Animoto: How We Use Sauce Labs September 2, 2015

Here at Animoto, we see a lot of value in having automated regression test suites for all our products. We’ve seen huge gains in velocity as a result of having good automation in place. But this has taken some effort, particularly when it comes to mobile applications. To alleviate the hassle of maintaining an in-house

Talking Code: Using Data to Make Informed Product Decisions August 18, 2015

I recently had a great chat with Venkat Dinavahi over at Talking Code about how we’ve built a pragmatic practice around using data to make informed product decisions. Check it out!

Driving Data Democracy – Looker at Animoto April 7, 2015

Over the past six-to-eight months Animoto has been working hard to transform the way we use data to inform business and product-development decisions. We’ve moved from custom SQL and bespoke data extracts to decentralized, self-serve data access. This means that anyone within Animoto can use our data and analysis tools to help make good business

The Risks of Cowboy Split Testing March 6, 2015

What the Internet Says about Split Testing can Hurt You Google likes to think of A/B testing as “Content Experiments”. If you read any of these how to articles, you’ll learn about all the ways you can improve your conversion rates by simply changing a header, a button color, user flow, or whatever. And if you listen to

Lessons Learned for Automating iOS Apps – What To Do When Tests Require Camera Roll Resources? February 18, 2015

Here at Animoto, the mobile application development team had spent some time over the past year investigating and implementing CI methodologies into the development cycle of the Animoto Video Maker application for iOS. A major part of this initiative involved creating automated test cases that would run at various times and circumstances. First a bit of background.

JSON auto-object-instantiation and why it sucks February 11, 2015

JSON auto-object-instantiation is a term I made up to describe a particular feature in the ruby JSON library. The feature doesn’t really have a name, but I had to call it something for this blog post! I would hope that the name is self-explanatory for anybody familiar with the feature, but in case you’re not

How to solve the problem you weren’t planning to solve February 3, 2015

This post is all about installing therubyracer gem v0.10.2 on OSX Mavericks with Ruby 1.8.7 in RVM. Well no, not really. It’s a metaphor. This is every problem that ever blocked you from the thing you wanted to be doing. It’s every case where something should just work and doesn’t. It’s every problem that you

Hello January 30, 2015

Hi there. I’ll let you in on a secret: this isn’t actually the first post on this blog. The last time there was any activity here at tech.animoto.com was way back in 2010 (we’ve decided to archive those posts). A lot has changed since then and we’ve learned a ton. From UX to process, Ruby to